From Rolling Residence to Kid Car?


Now, this may just be the biggest revelation about this whole baby-on-the-way thing I’ve had this week.

It wasn’t body changes, conversation shifts, or “why in the world am I craving THAT” moments.

No, no.

I have a Toyota 4Runner.  It’s an awesome vehicle.  We’ve gone near and far, city and brushy together.  I’ve four-wheeled in numerous states, spent thousands of hours within it, slept inside of it, sought protection within those doors, yelled, cried, laughed, and sung inside of it.  It’s been squashed in places before and I lovingly sought care for it.  People even stopped on the side of the highway after the aforementioned accident to ask what kind of vehicle it was because I was the only one driving away that day.

If it had an address, there was a time in my life that I would have used it for quite a while.  I can tell, just by the sound of the engine and the feel of the accelerator, when it needs an oil change in the properly suggested amount of time.  Yeah, we’re close.  It looks tough and makes me look like one cool chick when I have mountain bikes and kayaks strapped all over the top and backpacking gear neatly tucked inside.  Obviously, I could go on for a long time because it’s just a damn good SUV.

In July 2013, there will be a new piece of gear strapped to it that has never been inside before: a car seat.  I hope my dear 4Runner will know what to do with it.  Together, this stout and capable vehicle and I will embark on the adventure of baby transporting.  I think it’ll be a good combo.

And, honestly, I have no doubt that my 4Runner will take extra special care of our + 1.

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