Pat down, please!


While flying to Phoenix for a long weekend with the ladies in my family, I opted out of metal detectors and body scanners.  Matt and I had discussed the unknowns associated with the machines and the wavelengths they send through our bodies looking for heavy metals (I always wonder if they can see the tooth implants keeping my front teeth intact).  He comes from a long line of pilots and I always value his input on aviation, airport security, and uncanny ability to predict weather by reading clouds.  We both felt slightly uneasy at the thought of a developing baby on the cusp of first and second trimesters being beamed by unneccesary forces.  Perhaps it’s not any worse that sitting on the plane for 2.5 hours, but it’s something small I have control over.

Studies have been mixed, many swearing that these machines are safe, some questioning it all.  Hey, if it’s not recommended that I take elderberry syrup to boost immunity during a nasty flu season because studies haven’t been thorough enough yet (despite the medical community touting the benefits of this herb) because “why take the risk,” then why should I treat this any differently?

I opted to get patted down.  Most of the TSA personel were very understanding of this, despite one snickering… gentleman.  My body, my baby, my choice was my motto.  We’re both lucky my preggo brain filter was actively working that day.

Do you think you would have done the same?  What other unexpected places or situations have you chosen an alternative, just to be on the safe side?

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