Mountain Mama: Half Moon Maternity T-Shirt

Now this is my kind of t-shirt!  Truthfully, this seems like an exceptional company all the way around.  I found Mountain Mama through a long and fairly fruitless internet search for any type of clothing geared towards pregnant, actively outdoor women.  Perhaps I missed some companies in there or was too specific, but Mountain Mama came through several times as the only company providing the type of clothing I was looking for.  I finally couldn’t resist and ordered a couple of their items and I’m so glad I did.

The first maternity clothes I obtained were the Mountain Mama Leah Yoga Pant and the Half Moon Maternity T-Shirt.  Mind you, my body isn’t screaming for these items yet, but every day is a step closer.  And as we all know, it’s only a matter of time before stretching “normal” clothes simply won’t work anymore.

What attracted me to the Half Moon T-Shirt was the style, color, cut, eco-friendly material, and the fact that I can wear it alone or as a layer through any season.

Added bonus:  it’s made in the United States.

The items arrived right on time and I really appreciated the minimal packaging.  And the small gesture that immediately had me feeling sappy for the company?  They include a free snack: a mini Luna Bar.  Obviously, they know their clientele very well.  I ordered a size small and medium after reading customer reviews stating the shirts tended to a larger fit.  Sometimes I fall between sizes, so I wanted to compare.  While the size small fits well right now, I’m glad I also have a medium for future unknown belly swell proportions or just those days I’d rather feel a little less fitted.

The shirts are cut in such a way that they are slightly snug on my hips, which I don’t mind because it’s kept in place.  I love how stretchy the material is and know it’s bound to serve me well.  Washing and drying didn’t affect the color or size and it has become my go-to shirt for rock climbing: stretchy, moveable, quickly drying, and long enough to not ride up (thank goodness!).  I can foresee the Half Moon T-Shirt being a big part of my wardrobe during pregnancy and even afterwards.  So for my lady friends who might be hoping this will become a hand-me-over maternity item: I’d recommend getting a couple of your own.

Thank you, Mountain Mama!

Courtesy of Mountain Mama - visit

Courtesy of Mountain Mama – visit

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