Preggy Women vs. Sea Turtles

How are pregnant women and female sea turtles alike?

20130419-154251.jpgIf you happen to find them on the beach, you will likely see them both digging in the sand. For different purposes, of course, but digging nonetheless.


Well, for sea turtles, it’s the usual: they’re making a nest and laying their eggs.

For pregnant human women, they are making a half-sphere-shaped hole below their towel that just so happens to be the size of their expanding tummy.

Hey, we want to tan our backsides, too.

Admittedly, I never realized how much satisfaction I get from laying on my stomach. Maybe it’s because I can’t really do that right now so the desire is stronger, but being on the beach and digging a hole allows this simple pleasure to take place.

And I was just one of three pregnant women observed on my patch of sandy heaven doing the same thing.

What can we say – it’s instinct!


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