Mountain Mama: Trinity Maternity Hiking Pant


Thumbs up again, Mountain Mama.

Obviously, I’ve become quite the Mountain Mama brand groupie.  They’re products are great all the way around and the Trinity Maternity Hiking Pant continues in that tradition.

These pants have suited many purposes, from hiking to climbing, coffee dates to everyday wear.  The water resistant fabric is a nice perk, yet it’s lightweight enough to stay cool – a big deal to me as I am beginning to feel hot pretty much all the time!   That being said, it would be easy to put on a layer of long undies when the time comes.  The elastic waist band is very comfortable, yet doesn’t scream “I’m elastic pants!” when worn (you know, the bunchy, ill-fitted area just underneath the waist that sometimes plague elastic).  As I keep moving with an ever-growing belly, I will likely add the optional suspenders simply to ease my mind.

The fit:  loose, flexible, great for activity and comfort.

The long pant is more wide-legged than I’m used to (or perhaps prefer), but keeps the air flowing.  After zipping off the legs, the capris are a nice length and, for this season, are the main style I’m wearing.  They can also be rolled up to become shorts, which I’ve really only used on hikes or during yard work: let’s say they’re functional rather than stylish, which I’d guess was exactly what the Mountain Mama designers were going for.

Bonus: the shorts are long enough to cover any of those upper thigh/butt insecurities some of us (cough cough...) may be experiencing…


Overall, I’m very pleased with the Trinity Pant.

Three styles in one serving multiple functions.

Trinity Maternity Hiking Pant

Trinity Maternity Hiking Pant

Yet another Mountain Mama product I’ll use during and after pregnancy!

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