2nd Trimester?


Where has the second trimester gone? Has anyone seen it?

Well, I suppose that’s a good sign. Week 27, definitely showing now (especially since the weather is a little warmer and the down coats are put away), looking at the third trimester looming, and wondering how time has flown so easily and quietly.

This is not a complaint!

Obviously, if the second trimester has snuck by like this, then I’ve felt pretty good, hardly noticed differences, and have been very focused on “doing” and “nesting.”

Plus, he’s kicking now and that’s just fascinating and distracting from anything else of seeming importance – especially when his movement can be seen from out here!

What I am wondering, though, is how large this child is going to be? My eating and activity habits haven’t changed all that much, but it seems now that I can look in the mirror every morning and visibly notice growth. Wow.

Time to ask Matt’s mom how big he was when he was born (gulp!).


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