Squatter’s Rights

20130419-154138.jpgThe baby’s found his favorite spot to lounge. I’m guessing it’s warm, comfortable, and provides just enough resistance to be interesting.

My bladder.

Most of the time, this isn’t a big deal. However, during activity of any type, he and gravity seem to team up in new ways. Walking, hiking, SUP boarding… I know I’m drinking plenty of water, but this starts getting a little demanding.

Every mile?

Every 20 minutes?


Upon further investigation, I’ve discovered that this is a commonly shared trait amongst other active moms-to-be. Yes, every pregnant woman makes multiple pit stops and has now hunted every little-known restroom on her slice of the planet – that’s all commonly taken with good humor. In the middle of a public, popular nature trail, the side of a remote road, with a hiking group making pretty good distance, though, and the dynamic begins to shift from silly to potentially sloppy.

Isn’t there something that can help us weighted-bladdered women?

Squatter’s Rights.

You heard it here first and your eyes aren’t deceiving you. We are declaring “squatter’s rights” on behalf of pregnant women as a sort of Get Out of Jail Free card.

So, the next time you’re strolling down that trail, peeking around the bend of that river, or stopping for the sixth time in an eight mile hike only to spy the gleaming deriérre of a round-bellied, awkward seeming woman, please look to the sky with compassion in your heart, knowing that she is declaring her Squatter Right and will move along shortly.

We thank you.

The next adventure in this area of conversation is: what happens when that belly is bulging to the max, the center of gravity is strongly pulling forward, and I can no longer see my feet when nature calls in the woods? I’m sure it’s coming soon…

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