Mountain Mama – Anya Maternity Performance Tee

A lovely technical t-shirt that is flattering enough to just wear all day!

Anya Maternity Performance Tee

Anya Maternity Performance Tee

I’ve been wearing this one to the gym: the Anya Maternity Performance Tee.  If you haven’t gathered yet, Mountain Mama makes clothing that aren’t just for maternity times – you can be confident that you’ll get great use from them after your little one is born, too.

I love that about this company!

The Anya Tee is moisture wicking, fitted-to-be-flattering, and helps keep your body temperature consistent while working out or playing out.  It’s funny enough to watch some of the expressions from the fellas in the weight room when a 7-months-pregnant woman is working out next to them.

This tee gives me the ability to feel attractive, unrestricted, and comfortable. 

I can bend and move without feeling exposed or having to constantly adjust, but the material is better than cotton for potentially sweaty activities.

It may seem like there isn’t much to say, but that’s simply because the Anya Tee doesn’t require much – it’s simple and sweet!  Hopefully there will be a couple of new colors in the future, too.

As a side note, the Addyson Maternity Tech Tank lives in the same family as this Anya Tee.  However, I like the cut of the Tee around the breasts and rib cage better, a bit less material making it feel slightly less puffy feeling.

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