Where am I?

Hello again.

Yes, we fell off the planet for a while, shot into the cosmos of baby blissbluesbumblingbalancingbeing and though the orbit is still spinning, the trajectory seems to be getting more familiar.

“They” were right: life has changed. As it always does and will continue to.  But where “they” were wrong is that we haven’t stopped doing the activities we love or put things on the shelf.  Sleep deprivation, for me at this point, is the biggest factor affecting my daily efforts.  My mom informed me that my 1-year-old birthday gift to her was sleeping through the night for the first time and it would seem that Eric is following a similar pattern.  Darnit.

We have traveled with him to Arkansas and Arizona to far, all driving, and he’s done wonderfully.  What we observed when he was younger (2-5 months old) was that the travel itself wasn’t bothering him as much as the loud people at the destination.

There will be a few more entries written about what we learned on our 3-week long road trip to Arizona, but for now I’ll just say that spring arriving has been the sweet relief we were all needing.

Sunshine.  Colors.  Grass and flowers.  Warmer air.  Comfortable, extended time outside.  Oh the bliss!

Cabin fever settled in heavy and hard this year.  The winter was bitter, cold, especially grey and frozen.  While I trust myself and my own gear to keep me warm and safe when my threshold of indoor time finally explodes, I can’t say the same for an infant.  He has jackets and a bunting, etc, etc – but – we aren’t in a cold enough climate to justify spending the kind of money that true baby cold weather gear warrants when he’ll outgrow it a month later.  There was a lot of time inside.

That said, this spring and summer bring much hope for play outside.  We have our backpacking arrangement loosely figured out, we have a new infant PFD for him, a tent that accommodates us much more comfortably is on its way.  We’re pretty excited to say the least.  Obviously, more gear reviews await (yea!).  I can give you a hint, though: the Osprey Poco Premium kid carrier is AWESOME.

Our first official tent camping trip is becoming a closer reality now.  Spring business has picked up at warp speed, so planning is necessary.  We are talking to a friend about borrowing their land for a weekend to camp.  In the back of my mind, the recesses of hopes and dreams reside, and I wish to all the great high Powers that Be that camping might just be the answer to sleeping through the night.  All the way through.  In one big hunk.  For all of us.

The prospect makes me tear up a little…

The biggest changes we’ve seen so far have revolved around time.  We can do anything and everything we’ve always done.  Eric is quite adaptable and easy going as long as he’s fed and has some solid naps (without those two elements in balance, things go into meltdown mode quickly).  Now, more patience, planning, and time management are needed.  Also, it’s easy to become somewhat reclusive, sticking around home and with our little immediate family.  Once we put those invitations out for cookouts or hikes, we’re always glad we did.

There is so much blogging to catch up on here and I’m excited to chip away at it a bit at a time.  Matt has a few things up his sleeve, too.  It’s good to be back!

Catching some Zzzz's on the way to AZ

Catching some Zzzz’s on the way to AZ

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